What Is It?

What Is It?

In one sentence, QuartzDesk is a highly flexible enterprise-class management and monitoring platform for Quartz schedulers embedded in Java applications.


Typical Users


As a developer you can use QuartzDesk to ad-hoc execute individual jobs, off their regular schedule. Therefore you can debug, test and tune your Quartz jobs any time you want. Prior to executing a job, you can modify job's start-up parameters (job data map properties in Quartz scheduler speak) and thus simulate job execution in various contexts.

Last but not least, you can use QuartzDesk to view and analyze log messages produced by executed jobs without the need to download and filter lengthy application log files cluttered with messages produced by parallelly running JVM threads.



As a tester you can use QuartzDesk to inspect execution history of individual Quartz jobs and see when these jobs were executed and with what results and confront it with the application specification and use-cases.

Using the execution history you can easily identify all job execution failures and view the relevant job execution logs that can be passed back to developers for further analysis and fixing.



As an operations team member you can use QuartzDesk to closely monitor Quartz schedulers, their jobs and triggers in all your Quartz scheduler enabled applications. You can either plugin your existing network/system monitoring software (Nagios, Cacti,...) to QuartzDesk monitoring REST API, or you can create sophisticated notification rules in QuartzDesk and be notified by email, instant message, or web-service invocation whenever a defined job execution condition occurs.

By inspecting QuartzDesk job execution statistics you can easily identify problematic jobs.


QuartzDesk has been designed with the following goals in mind:


Easy Installation

QuartzDesk is a Java-based application distributed as a single standard web application WAR (Web Application Archive) file and two optional JAR (Java Archive) files. QuartzDesk can be easily deployed to any light-weight Java servlet container such Apache TomcatJettyResin, etc. as well as to any heavy weight J2EE application server such as IBM WebSphere, RedHat JBoss, Oracle WebLogic, Oracle GlassFish, etc. QuartzDesk can run on any operating system that provides the Java runtime environment.

QuartzDesk supports all major database engines such as DB2, H2MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

For a complete list of all currently supported platforms please refer to our Supported Platforms page.  

For experimental and evaluation purposes, we recommend you use the QuartzDesk one-step installation mode that allows you to have QuartzDesk up and running in less then a minute after having downloaded the QuartzDesk WAR file and obtained the license key. For details about the one-step installation mode, please refer to the Installation section of our FAQ page.


Advanced Features

QuartzDesk provides some unique and powerful features that are not available in any of the competing products which focus primarily on the basic Quartz scheduler management functionality (start/stop/pause scheduler, listing of jobs/triggers, etc.). For a detailed overview of QuartzDesk features, please refer to our Features page.


Non-Intrusive Installation

One of the most important aspect that we considered during the QuartzDesk design-phase was the impact on managed Quartz-enabled applications. QuartzDesk requires only a minimum set of changes to JVM and application configuration. Most importantly, users do not have to modify their application code in order to use their application with QuartzDesk.


Modern User Interface

QuartzDesk features an attractive RIA (Rich Internet Application) user interface that requires no browser plugin. QuartzDesk runs in all modern browsers with enabled JavaScript support.


Flexible Licensing Model

QuartzDesk is available in three editions - Lite (free)Standard and Enterprise

Lite edition is a free-of-charge edition that provides just the basic scheduler, job and trigger management features and it imposes limits on the maximum number of managed jobs and triggers. This edition comes with no technical support.

Standard and Enterprise editions are unlimited editions that differ only in the number of available features. Both editions automatically come with 12 months of Software Maintenance that includes access to our technical support and free software upgrades.

For a detailed comparison of features available in individual QuartzDesk editions and pricing options, please refer to our Pricing & Licensing Terms page.


Professional Support

At QuartzDesk we are committed to providing our customers with accessible, high-quality support through our online ticket-based Customer Support system. Technical support is provided only to customers with active SW Maintenance. Customers without active SW Maintenance (e.g. QuartzDesk Lite edition users) receive only limited technical support for product installation and upgrade related queries.

We guarantee to answer all enquiries within 24-hours.